Rose City Meets White City

Sometimes travel brings you closer to home.

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Oregon Brewers Festival

Portland Oregon has a beer event nearly every weekend in the summer. Are you interested in fruit beers, sour beers, or rye beers? You can pickle go to that.  I If there is a thing such as “craft beer burnout” you would be forgiven for experiencing it in Oregon. There are over 500 events in July […]

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Homeward Bound

Last week I was on vacation visiting home: the flawless City of Portland. Sure, I might be a bit biased but the city of Beervana is becoming a destination of its own. It was hard not to compare Portland with Atlanta during my trip. Sure, Atlanta has pleasant weather, great culture, and an exciting nightlife […]

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Hop Hands

I think the height of my entrepreneurial spirit was 2nd grade. The classroom was transformed into a pseudo town, which each student given a set amount of play money to spend.   We paired off to make “businesses”, which other classmates could chose to shop at. I remember distinctly that I wanted to make toys but I had […]

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