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March 28, 2018
March 30, 2017

As I write this blog post on the offline version of Google Docs, I am trying to remember why I wanted to come to Huaraz. Sure, the Cordilleras are some of the most beautiful mountains in the world and coming here was a great way to break up out trip to Lima. We are currently on our ninth* day in the city and I am so grateful we stayed here as long as we did. We could have easily been in Lima, the massive city of 10 million which has suffered terribly from storms and flooding. The storms happened on Tuesday and we have been trapped in Huaraz with no internet, cell service or route out for the last week. Nevertheless we have been lucky as we are in a safe place with plenty of clean drinking water. While I am very aware of how lucky I am, it has also been frustrating and boring to be trapped here. The lack of internet means that the only way to get any information on the roads is walk into the various bus stations, all of which say “no news”. Only one of the ATM’s here is working so we have to wait our turn with the majority of the town to make sure we can pay our hostel.** Huaraz is known for its unbeatable hiking and trekking but we are nervous to leave town. Not only because we just completed the Santa Cruz trek, but we don’t want to miss our chance to get tickets when they do open up. So, without future ado, here’s how to kill time in the Andes.