Craft in the City

Mexico City doesn’t let you forget about a single one of its 8.9 million people. To be sure I have been in much larger cities, Seoul has 25.5 million, but no other city on Earth has felt as full as Mexico City. The city stands out from the other cities I visited in Mexico as more […]

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Big Beer in the Colonial Heartland

Puebla is beautiful city with breathtaking colonial architecture located  two hours outside of Mexico City. Despite the city being the fourth largest in the country, Puebla came across as having a small town feel during the few days we spent there. Puebla pinged on my travel radar when I discovered it was the birthplace of Mole. As […]

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Day of the Dead in Oaxaca Mexico

The first thing I learned upon arriving in Mexico is that the phrase dia de los muertos is a major misnomer. The word “dia” implies that the festivities last only one day or perhaps a single night. It was clear from the fireworks that greeted our 3pm arrival on October 29th that the festivities were […]

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