Hop Hands

I think the height of my entrepreneurial spirit was 2nd grade. The classroom was transformed into a pseudo town, which each student given a set amount of play money to spend.   We paired off to make “businesses”, which other classmates could chose to shop at. I remember distinctly that I wanted to make toys but I had no idea how to go about it. I couldn’t even cut a half-decent stick figure out of paper to pawn off on my thrifty classmates. Crafting wasn’t − and will never be − “my jam”. Making things has always been tricky. I would argue that it’s even more difficult in this era of start-up billionaires, as physical inventions have fallen out of style.

I say all of this to preface how impressed I am with my friend Jenna. You might remember Jenna from the guest post she wrote for this blog. In addition to writing her own beer blog Bitesize Brews, Jenna is the co-founder of Hop Hands. Hop Hands is a growler pannier made with a heavy-duty canvas, and lined with neoprene. It protects, and insulates your growler while attaching to your bike in three different ways. The best part? A percentage of each Hop Hands sold goes to Bridgetown Inc. BridgeTown Inc. is an urban humanitarian organization which focuses on the needs of the Portland homeless community.

Want a Hop Hands of your own? Well you’re in luck! The Kickstarter campaign began just a few days ago. Please check it out and support female entrepreneurs, Bridgetown Inc. and, biking to breweries.

Hop Hands Media Kit


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