Beer Jobs Bill Update

Yesterday the Beer Jobs Bill passed on the floor of the Georgia State Senate. Before you pop the cork of a locally brewed lambic, understand that the bill that passed is greatly different than the original.

This new bill seeks poor compromise between distributors and craft breweries.  The original concept of the bill was to freely allow breweries to sell their product onsite and to allow brewpubs to sell their products for consumption offsite (growlers). Instead of the original bill, a last minute committee substitution was pushed through that keeps the same mandatory beer tour structure. The compromise part? Now breweries can give out 36 ounces instead of 34.

The small victories of the new bill include that breweries and brewpubs will able to sell “64 ounce souvenir containers” also known as growlers. I am unsure if the bill will require the consumer to buy a new growler every time they wish to refill it.

Looks like i’ll be suffering through two hour “tours”for a long time to come.

Read more about the new version of the bill from the Atlanta Journal Constitution.


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